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The Mentoring Program

Toni's Touch Inc. has created The Chosen Generation Mentoring Program in an effort to develop self-efficacy in our youth by centering the faith-based program around the 5 Wells of Leadership 

as articulated by Dr. Robert M. Franklin Jr. President Emeritus of Morehouse College:

Well-Read, Well-Traveled, Well-Spoken, Well-Dressed and Well Balanced.

There are two chapters of the Chosen Generation Mentoring Program: 

The Prestigious Men and The Ladies of Perfection.

The Ladies of Perfection

The mission of The Ladies of Perfection is centered around assisting young women in developing all aspects of the beauty that lies within their  Mind, Body and Soul.

Prestigious Men

The Prestigious Men of the Chosen Generation Mentoring Program are encouraged to embrace their true strength that begins in their Mind, extends to their Soul and encapsulates their Bodies.

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