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Who We Are

The Chosen Generation Mentoring Program was founded by Toni’s Touch Inc., a non-profit child literacy organization, to develop leadership skills within at-risk youth. It is grounded in principles of personal development, socialization and citizenship. It is guided by the five Wells of Leadership as articulated by Dr. Robert M. Franklin Jr. of Morehouse College: Well Read, Well Spoken, Well Dressed, Well-Traveled and Well Balanced.



“I am fearfully and wonderfully made…”

Therefore, I will…

Educate myself through extensive reading.  Expand my mind and opportunities through the exploration of places of significance both past and present, far and near.Prove myself by articulating my thoughts and ideas with clarity and respect for my listeners.Present myself with pride and dignity knowing that my appearance is a direct reflection of those who have invested in my life.Express my self-efficacy through the words of Dr. Maya Angelou by binding myself to my sisters and brothers; Embracing our lowliest, Keeping company with our loneliest, Educating our illiterate, Feeding our starving, Clothing our ragged, Doing all good things, knowing that I am more than keepers of my brothers and sisters. I am my brothers and sisters.

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